Strachan food? Strachan food.

Many people have been wondering about the food situation at Trinity. “Is it good?”“Is it bad?” “I hear it’s the worst on campus”. Well, I would like to dispel some rumours for you, and help you understand what the dining situation is like at Trin.

Trinity has just renewed (slash in the process of renewing) a contract with Sodexo, a
company that provides food and staff for both of our Melinda Seaman and Strachan
dining halls. The head of Sodexo is Kevin McKay, and he is your go-to guy if you have any
questions, requests, or suggestions. The staff is all super friendly, especially Zen! She
will ask you about your day, complain about the weather, and make sure you are getting
enough sleep.

Over the summer, we are renovating the Strachan dining hall in order to provide better
service for more students. This will now include many stations with pizza, international
food, hot food, salad bars, and many more items.

So, is the food good? I wont sit here and tell you it’s fantastic, because it really isn’t. It also isn’t terrible. With the new kitchen, many more options will be provided, so make-your-own grilled cheese isn’t the only meal you eat. There are many ways you can make your dining experience better, and I would urge you to take them into consideration:

  1. Know what is good for you. So often you can fall into the routine of making a grilled cheese for lunch, and eat pasta for dinner. At a place like Trin where you need to keep your brain sharp and stay healthy, this really won’t help you. There is a lot of food provided so you can make a wrap with lots of veggies and your own salads. They are working hard to improve these options for students so we can have the healthiest food possible.
  2. If you have restrictions, contact Kevin (mentioned above). He can be one of your greatest assets. Usually the chefs will forget what you can and can’t have, and may feel slighted when you say you can’t eat their food. Having a familiar face in the kitchen to help you isn’t a bad idea. Especially when he’s their boss.
  3. Get to know the staff! They’re used to scooping potatoes for hours, and having a friendly conversation with one of the students will brighten up their day! The more you get to know them, the more they will know you, and they may just let you have that extra chicken wing, although you’re only allowed 3.
  4. It takes some time to realize what you can do at Strachan. I went from not being able to eat anything to [finally] finding out they have gluten free bread in the kitchen: just ask, and ask someone new each time. Some people might know where something is kept (ALWAYS in a secret location), and others may not. By asking a different person throughout the week, you may find that they actually have Nutella and sprinkles in the back for your ice cream.

So I hope that helps clear the air on some of the food related queries out there… happy

By Emily Jennings


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