This is You on Frosh Week

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When Strachan Hall food doesn’t cut it…

barmerSometimes Strachan Hall food just doesn’t cut it – one can only handle so many wilted salads and suspicious cuts of meat. So when your meal plan’s bringing you down, why not treat yourself? As a hard-working Trinity student, you deserve it! One of the best ways to indulge as a food-lover on a university student budget is a venture to the nearby Bar Mercurio. Continue reading

It is OK for Trin Spirit to Make You Cry

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 2.08.00 PMJust to be clear, I am not pessimist. This has a happy ending. Continue reading

Everything you need to know about the Trinity Chapel Choir

chapelDo you like to sing? If the answer is yes, you should audition for the Trinity chapel choir. It doesn’t matter if you have never sung this kind of music before (Anglican church music for choral evensongs, in case you wanted to know). People from all kinds of musical backgrounds sing in this choir. Continue reading

Foregoing the “Freshman 15″

janefondaWithout fail, at every pre-frosh/meet-up/orientation event I’ve attended this year, someone has expressed concern about gaining the “freshman 15”. First of all, it’s incredibly important to realize that Trinity is one of the most accepting communities I’ve ever been a part of, and people are willing and eager to get to know you regardless of how you look. But you don’t have to be a Varsity Athlete or eat salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to stay healthy. Here are some tips and tricks from someone who was quickly conquered by an endless supply of beer and pizza and the resulting weight gain… Continue reading

Doc Soup at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema: a must-see!

bloorcinemaIn the heart of the Annex at Bathurst and Bloor sits one of the world’s only documentary cinemas, the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. Continue reading

Trin Food Faves

insomniaAs you prepare for 1st year, dear Frosh, your mothers are undoubtedly fretting over the odds of your survival. Waking up on time, writing 12 page research papers and finding a part time job are daunting challenges that will test your mettle. Life’s tough; tougher still when you have a mandatory 9am tutorial; and toughest when the inescapability of Mystery Meat Monday in Strachan hits you squarely in the stomach. Continue reading